Dr Nick Garcia is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He has worked with children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavioral and emotional difficulties, academic problems, and intellectual deficits for over 21 years. Additionally, he provides psychological, psychoeducational, and independent educational evaluations. 


Functional Behavioral Assessment and Treatment

Psychological Assessments

Applied Behavioral Analysis


Avg Cost (per session): $120-$150

Sliding Scale: Not Accepted

Payment Methods: Cash & Check

Accepts insurance

Early Start Services are provided in the home on a weekly basis. Early start Services are for children from 0-3 years. Services are provided until the child turns 3 years of age.

Children who qualify are those who are found to have a 33% delay in one area of development during assessment.

Areas of development include:
Gross Motor, Fine motor, Cognitive, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Social/Emotional, and Self-Help.

Any parent who has a concern about their child, in regards to their development, can contact KRC to get their child assessed.

If a child qualifies for services, an interventionist is sent to the home to carry out the intervention plan. Intervention is play based and is made so that the child is having fun as they learn. All areas of development are continuously worked on, however, intervention is focused on those areas where the child needs the most help.

In-home ABA Services

ABA services are provided in the home and in the community. Individualized programs are provided in a one-on-one structure. Programs are tailored to each child based on their individual needs.

Programs may include: compliance, communication, receptive labeling, expressive labeling, emotions, social, listening and imitating, pre-academic, functional skills, conversation, and many more depending on child’s needs.

ABA intervention techniques that are used: Positive reinforcement, Task Analysis, Discrete Trial Training, NET, Token Economy, Visual Schedules, Modeling, Social Stories, Visual Communication Systems, and many more.

We serve clients in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas and in Ventura, California. 


Psychological Services


Early Start Intervention

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